The Biggest Misconception About Photoluminescence

Most people and some vendors claim that Potholuminescence lasts all night. This is somewhat true, however, there is a certain luminance decay during this period of time.

A Photo-luminescent object, fully charged, expresses 4,500 millicandels per sq mt. After one hour, its luminance goes down to about 100 millicandels per sqmt.

It’s curve of decay then slows down and after 10 hours to the radiation is around 17 millicandels

To give you a meter of comparison, the average human eye, accustomed to dark can detect an object emitting at least 8 millicandels per sqmt.

As a rule of thumb, when dealing with a photo-luminescent object I would say to keep in mind:

-Make sure that you choose wisely the position of your Photo-luminescent object in the dark, as any source of electrical light can cover the photo-luminescent radiation and reduce its effects.

-Be aware that this source of light can not replace the lighting emitted by a light bulb! Photoluminescence serves as a functional and emotional source of light. Ideal to create security paths or design environments but not as a complete alternative to traditional lighting.

-There is a solution that we developed for who wants to appreciate the miracle of this light in a more consistent way during the dark hours. We created what we call a photoluminescent system. Through this system, we are able to keep the radiation of the pigment to a stable visible standard thorugh the use of a timely charge given by a led pre programmed by a timer.

We at Lucedentro think in terms of photo luminescent system rather than product.

If the lamps you use are solar you can save more that 90% of energy consumption and be satisfied with your PL performance all night.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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