Photoluminescence: Lets us shed some light on the matter

I have been working with this fascinating natural miracle for the better part of the last two decades. Ever since 2006, I have seen this company grow and expreiment in a multitude of fields of applications and therefore grow in its popularity among others that challenge themseves in this field.

However, I have also seen a lot of misconcemptions and poor understanding on the use of these natural pigments. Therefore I have decided to write a series of articles that aim to explain the nature and application of this rare alluminates of our planet and along the way leave my 2 cents on the matter.

Let us start from the beginning. In this arcticle we will cover the basics of what photoluminescence is and how it finds its place in design, energy saving and security applications for commercial and private use.

What is Photoluminescence?

Photoluminescence is the property of some latest generation natural phosphors ,that can store solar or electrical light and release it back in the dark for a period of time of about 9 h.

Are pigments dangerous to humans?

Nope, these pigments(phosphors) are natural, non-toxic, non-radioactive and their heavy metals content is twenty times lower than the limit imposed by the stringent U.S. and EU regulations.

How long does photoluminescence last in time?

Glad you asked, the physical principle of photo-luminescence is eternal. By laboratory testing, we can say that after 20 years, the photoluminescent pigment does not degrade at all. We can safely say that the duration of the photoluminescence is equal to that of the substrate in which it is included . I,E paper, plastic, glass, wood, etc.

How should I recycle a photoluminescent product?

Due to its very low content of heavy metals and small amount of pigment generally used in applications, photoluminescent products can be recycled according to the support that hosts them (paper, plastic, wood, undifferentiated).

Can I charge photoluminescent objects with home light?

Yes, the photoluminescent effect can be obtained also with a normal light bulb, provided that this also emits a minimum amount of light in the excitation spectrum of pigment. Normally energy saving incandescent bulbs, neon tubes and light bulbs achieve a decent result, as long they are exposed for about 10-15 minutes.

What is the best way to charge the pigments and obtain the maximum effect of photoluminescence?

The best method, and also the least expensive, to charge the pigments is to expose them in the sunlight for about five minutes. The emission spectrum of the sun is the most complete and the best for our pigments.

How long does the photoluminescent effect last in one day?

Technically a photoluminescent product emits 90% of its light in the first hour, then the curve of decay slows down and what remains is visible in the dark for the next eight hours.

What should i consider when approaching a photoluminescent project?

You should first check the light condition of the premises. remember that photoluminescence works best in the dark and does not work at all if the surrounding light conditions are strong. Generally speaking, In indoor environments you can control electrical lights much better that in the outdoor.

If you are doing an outdoor project you may want to consider to implement a photoluminescent system rather than use a simple photoluminescent product!

What is a photoluminescent system?

It is a system where you use some special lighting in order to offset the photoluminescent natural curve of decay as well as less than perfect outside lights conditions . It requires a timer working in combination with a dimmer.

I hope that this helped you understand a little better this technology. If you have any question you can reach out to me through my website and I will make sure to answer as soon as possible. Also, feel free to let me know if there is a particular topic you would like to read about and I’ll make sure to write a post about it!

Stay bright,

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