How to make Photo-Luminescent Pathways

The best luminescent photo walkways are made by inserting a photo luminescent glass grit, of various sizes, drowned in cement. In this way, cycle paths or emotional walkways are obtained.

Of course, other methods exist, for example using a luminescent photo resin or a neutral polyurea where luminescent photo elements can be inserted.

At Lucedentro, we prefer glass because it is the most transparent material in nature and therefore, we can use less active ingredient to make it work properly.

The glass of which I speak is boron silicate glass. the waste glass of several processes, from bottles to waste in the medical field, and here we return to the concept of circular economy, and therefore of product recycling.

The glass powder is mixed with a percentage of photo luminescent pigments. The mixture thus obtained is then deposited in refractory moulds and, subsequently, cooked in an oven at about 850-900 degrees centigrade.

In this way, photo-luminescent glass tiles are obtained. Subsequently, these tiles are taken to an industrial shot blaster which breaks them to the desired size, for example 5-15 mm.

This glass grit is immersed in fresh cement, taking care to press it completely, a few millimetres inside the concrete.

When the concrete is dry, with a sander, the excess is removed to bring the photo luminescent grit to the surface.

Anyone familiar with photo luminescence knows that it should be used in places in the dark, as any electric light radiation is greater than the luminescent photo radiation.

Furthermore, the luminescent photo radiation tends to lose 90% of its power after the first hour. The problem can be bypassed by using timed Wood (UV) lights to periodically return the luminescent photo radiation to its maximum.

If you want to know more, you can read an article I wrote about luminescent photo systems in the blog.


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