Technique for making photoluminescent laminated glasses

In this article I would like to describe the technique used by Lucedentro to make laminated Photoluminescent glasses.


The sndwich glass can be made in 2 different types of mcchines:

1-Eva: (eta-vinyl-acetylate)

2- PVB: (poly-vinyl-butyral).


 Basically both are adhesive films that are placed between 2 glasses in conditions of vacuum and moderate heat .


Both their purpose is  to couple 2 glasses making them transparent and very safe (safety glasses) because if they break they don’t explode thanks to the adhesive film .


In 2008, Lucedentro added the possibility of making them  photoluminescent, creating new emotional applications for architects and designers.


 In short, we added a film of six tenths of a millimeter of photoluminescent pvc to the adhesive film and a decorative film designed for us by various architectural firms including the studio of architect Marco Piva in Milan.

 Over the years this technique has been refined thanks to the collaboration with skilled artisans of the sector, adding to the external glass applications of micro and macro sandblasting .

A True example of Made in Italy.


 Thanks for your  attention .


 luca Beltrame Ad, Lucedentro.


How to use photoluminescence to save energy.

 This article aims to shed some light on the use of photoluminescent artefacts to save energy, bringing 1 concrete example of realization.

1- Light poles made in Rocca.S. Maria Mo-Italy.


Components used:

– iron pole – photovoltaic panel

– accumulator (lithium battery)

 Luminous photoluminescent  sail in PMMA, positioned at the top of the post under the PV panel

– Lamp with double lighting, on the floor with white LEDs at the top with uv led to illuminate the luminescent photoluminescent  sail

– Presence sensor at the beginning of the road and at the end of it.

– Electronic card that controls the switching on and off of the lights both with LEDs.

The concept, explained in simple terms, is to use solar energy to charge the battery that serves to illuminate the road with white LEDs only on request. (the passage of car pedestrians, cyclists or cars is activated by the presence sensor, while the UV light is used to keep the photoluminescence that needs to be loaded 1 minute out of ten in order to make 90% savings using light memory of the photoluminescent sail.

– To sum up: white light on only when it is necessary for the passage, and luminescent photo sail that gives security light all night long.

– It must be said that this system does not produce any co2 and is therefore completely green. For those who want to watch the video: For those in the business, I can send the detailed project on request and apply it to various latidudini Thanks for the attention


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