Lucedentro on “Ufficio Brevetti” – National Television


Lucedentro CEO Luca Beltrame has been invited to talk about photoluminescence during “Ufficio Brevetti”, an heading on national television about best and most innovative patents.

Luca Beltrame explained how photoluminescence works and how it can be exploit to save energy, to improve safety, but also for interiors and design, thanks to its incredible emotional power.

Mantova Festival 2016 “Arte sull’Acqua”


Mantova Festival 2016 “Arte sull’Acqua” hosted different artist to retrain some outcast area of the city with their project. Lucedentro has collaborated with Lorella Salvagni for “Fulgida”: a sailing ship partially emerge from the water of the city Rio, part of the mainmast and cordage expand all over, shining in the dark thanks to photoluminescence.

Illumino U.S.A. – Official Partner

Here following a video showing some of the spectacular applications of photoluminescence, courtesy of Illumino, our official partner in the U.S.A.