Technical innovation

Lucedentro’s technology makes the application of photoluminescence possible in a virtually unlimited range of objects through the use of selected pigments that are REACH certified, the recent European legislation which regulates the basic chemistry.

The application of photoluminescence Lucedentro enables the development of custom projects across:


The flexibility of the luminescent pigments are suitable for new design applications. The light becomes part of the project emphasizing the emotional objects, live in the dark. Lamps, glass, mosaics, ceramics, resins, silicones, cement, textiles, metals. Any material can increase its visual potential due to luminescence.


In case of power failure the luminescent pigments used by Lucedentro make escape ways visible emergency exits, stairs without the need of power generators or other lighting fixtures.


Energy saving

In public and private outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, squares and pavements, but also swimming pools, fountains or windows you can save up to 90% of traditional electricity consumption. Lucedentro uses natural materials whose production cycle has a low environmental impact.

Energy saving, implicit in the use of photo-luminescent pigments, contributes to the reduction of CO2 and promotes a culture of eco-sustainability.

Safety certified

The pigments used by Lucedentro are not perishable, are not toxic or radioactive. The presence of heavy metals is well below the limits prescribed by European and American standards for categories of products such as cosmetics and toys.


The photoluminescence is the distinctive physical properties of rare inorganic aluminates in nature, able to “catch” and keep the sunlight or artificial light and then return it in the dark for up to eight hours with decreasing intensity.