Photoluminescent Mosaic

Photoluminescent Mosaic is an emotional product, a charming light that embraces and enchants.

Opus One bath tube let you immerse in a bath of light, a unique and relaxing experience: the magic of photoluminescent mosaic surrounds you, gently relieving the stress of everyday life, lulled by the light.

Photoluminescent mosaic can also be applied on walls, for an experience not only visual but also tactile: the surface of your room will be smooth, giving an unique appearance at the same time. Mosaic can also be used to create pattern on the walls, letting flow the creativity.

A photoluminescent application very appreciated is the one for pools. This Lucedentro product is one of a kind, always capable of enchant and amaze the guests.

Mosaic recharge itself automatically exploiting solar or artificial light during the day, releasing it gradually and glowing in the dark all night long.