The Islamic Prayer wall-lamp it’s been created by Lucedentro design lab. The idea come from our passion for islamic calligraphy and culture. The decoration that embellish this photoluminescent lamp represents a love prayer for Allah from his prophet Mohammed. This designing has been hand chiseled by skillful iranian artists to decorate an halberd in XVI century, now conserved at British Museum in London.
This photoluminescent lamp has been created using special techniques: the steel sheets were cut with an higher definition than the standard laser technique.
Islamic Prayer is built with two different layers: a stainless sheet folded that hide inside a photoluminescent surface.

This lamp has a triple illumination system: with common white light, wood light to stimulate the photoluminescent pigments and zero-energy, to enjoy the magical effect of the photoluminescence.
Available in 2 sizes and in the following 6 colours: White, Ocean Blue, Yellow, Green, Aquamarine, Red and Purple.
Photoluminescent Islamic Prayer complies with EC and RAAE standards.