Top part in glass treated with photoluminescent pigments, washbasin in transparent glass. The washbasin, with its minimal and elegant design, rests on a glass base treated with Lucedentro photoluminescent pigments. A little masterpiece in interior design. Photoluminescent technique can be applied even on washbasin itself to make every space more safe and practicable in case of reduced visibility. The luminous glass washbasin is a custom product realized by Lucedentro in 2010 for a private intern. Photoluminescent application is possible even on ceramic, using different technique. The photoluminescent washbasin was born to combine aesthetic and security needs: is ideal for dim spaces or to help people with poor eyesight or visually impaired. The photoluminescent washbasin doesn’t simply respond to wood light as fluorescent objects do, instead the pigments capture sunlight during the day and slowly release it at night, glowing in the dark, becoming a unfailing landmark. Ask for more information.