Luke Lamp by Karim Rashid, the photoluminescent lamp. When switched on, emits light of a standard light bulb, while when switched off, Luke becomes a delicate light source at zero-energy.

Contemporary design.

The shape and design of Luke Lamp was born from a project created by Karim Rashid, a leader in interior design products.
Exclusive aesthetic object, but at the same time fun, Luke is an original gift idea for any occasion.

Emergency light.

The photo-luminescent pigments make the Luke lamp a very useful tool in case of power failure. In the absence of electricity Luke becomes a light source capable of signalling obstacles and escape routes.

Night reference.

Thanks to its dual function Luke is particularly suitable to be placed in children’s bedrooms. The “ghost” becomes a friendly light, which accompanies children into a sweet sleep and at the same time allows parents to watch their sleep during the night without turning regular light on.