The photoluminescent paint Lucedentro was born for those costumers who want to take advantage from a photoluminescent product whose characteristic is the ultimately simplicity and the wide range of applications. The product, which has the luminous power of photoluminesce, has been realized to work on hard surfaces, figuring an application on indoors and outdoors, but Lucedentro keep it highly customizable on specific request.
The versatility of Lucedentro photoluminescent paint is easy to explain: for example, in a typical situation with dark or dimly lit spaces, without any electric light, Lucedentro paint absorb the sunlight and release it during the night, enlightening the house or other environment.
Is now possible, with just a bit of luminescent paint, indicate jambs, possible dangerous point or not-visible obstacles, or just to embellish the interiors or create outdoor path with a charming and discreet light that is always available.
Lucedentro offers a photoluminescent paint that is safe, fine, eco-friendly and promote energy saving.

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