In 2007 Lucedentro attends for the first time at “Abitare il Tempo” exhibition, in Verona – in collaboration with the architects of Pierandrei&Associates Studio, based in Milan, and with other companies, included MONDO RUBBER.

Lucedentro has bring the innovation of photoluminescence in Verona collecting great success: each visitor was charmed by the utilization of luminescence in the exhibition area, creating an unforgettable experience.
The 90 squared meters area, completely overshadowed, allowed Lucedentro to let the people live the beauty and value of photoluminescent applications. Even the president of Verona exhibition came to compliment the installation and the work of our team.
The product that captured more attention were photoluminescent glass pebbles, that catch the eyes and the interest of adults and children.
Another absolute protagonist of the exhibition was our granite slab, engraved with the “incriminate” digital prints of Lee Oswald, John Fitzgerald Kennedy murderer. Thanks to photoluminescent pigments the digital prints were shining in dim light like in a crime scene.
The paired photoluminescent glass also captured the curiosity of the audience, creating a suspended and suffused atmosphere with their capacity of simulate the effect of water on the poolside.

The space, as depicted in the photos below. is luminous and warm, creating a charming ambient, thanks to photoluminescent material such as glass, stone and mosaic.