Photoluminescent Stickers

Lucedentro photoluminescent stickers come from a collaboration between Ducati Motors and a serigraph master.
Exactly like Lucedentro photoluminescent paint, the main features of this product are versatility and flexibility. Born to be put on Ducati helmet, our stickers have a wide range of application: in fashion, mostly for technical and safety application, on wall surfaces, on components for bike, car, motorcycle and much more.
Lucedentro has transformed common stickers applying on the surface the characteristics of photoluminescence, creating an innovative product way far from ordinary fluorescent or phosphorescent ones.
Our stickers can put together different features such as photoluminescence and retroreflectivity for our costumer safety, in order to improve the visibility of stickers even in situation with low visibility, glowing in the dark without any electric wiring system.

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