Photoluminescent Pickled Wood

The photoluminescent pickled wood in an original idea of our team, developed within a wider research, started to understand which are the best materials and supports for Lucedentro photoluminescent pigments.
In this area of interest the challenge was to create a wooden product pleasant in the sunlight or artificial light during the day but ready to glow in the dark of the night. – through a particular technique we’ve been able to reach our purpose: we have created pickled wood treated adding admixtures of photoluminescent pigments.
The photoluminescent pickled wood has a thin luminous pattern on his surface, a fine and natural decor. Lucedentro technique, in which photoluminescent pigment are applied directly on natural wood, is an ideal solution for furniture and design. In this solution wood meets photoluminescence, both sustainable and natural. Lucedentro has turned wood into a a brilliant and ecological piece of decor, perfect for every space.
Lucedentro realize photoluminescent pickled wood on request.

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