Photoluminescent Road Markers

Lucedentro had the idea for a photoluminescent road marker observing a Frensel lens – afterwards the project has been developed with the contribution of professor Gianpiero Alfarano of Calezano Design University, Florence. Fascinated by the simplicity and beauty of this object, we proceeded with the production.
This product, that recharge his photoluminescent power with the sunlight to release it during the night, was born for road safety, for situation with low visibility and without proper signals: a road construction, an unsafe footbridge, or to indicate a safe path in potentially dangerous places.
That’s what Lucedentro is focused on: work safety combined with energy saving. The photoluminescent road marker is an infinite source of light, in his simplest configuration need neither solar cells nor batteries. His feature of inexhaustibility is significant in a working contest: reduce the costs of electric energy and prevent that batteries and safety light component can be stolen.

The round photoluminescent road markers are a reliable luminous reference in public and private areas without illumination. Applicable on both wall or floor – even for road – our road markers respond first of all to practical needs, then to aesthetic ones.

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Photoluminescent Roadmarkers are available in three different colors: yellow-green, aquamarine and blue.
this product is conform to CE standards.

Photoluminescent road markers design Lucedentro