Photoluminescent Mosaic “Opus One”

Opus One in an idea developed in 2008, consequently to Lucedentro research to insert photoluminescent pigments in the productive process of boron silicate glass, that is obtained from the recycling process of glass.
The photoluminescent Opus One mosaic is 100% sustainable and recycled, realized following Lucedentro main concept of beauty, style and love for design, always combined with safety and energy saving. Our photoluminescent mosaic is not only beautiful, but also eco-friendly and aim to the safety of the costumer.
How can our mosaic be included in a domestic environment? it’s easy, just think about the harmony and pleasure given by a bath taken in the natural, suggestive light of Opus One.
The mosaic recharge itself using the natural sunlight or the artificial light of the room.

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Opus One is avaible in two possible configuration:
ocean blue
this product is conform to CE standards