Japanese Paper

The project dedicated to photoluminescent japanese paper was born in Kyoto, thanks to Lucedentro team.
Inspired by the fascinating Japanese papers, Luca Beltrame starts to insert the photoluminescent pigments in the hand-crafted paper process in collaboration with masters and local artists.
The result is simply stunning, inspiring some of the artists to produce their own pieces of art with Lucedentro photoluminescent papers – some of those drawings are now part of Lucedentro catalogue.
We can now present a sophisticated product, a charming piece of design to decorate private and public interiors; our photoluminescent papers, when enlighted for a small period of time, slowly emits a peaceful and serene light during the night.
Lucedentro presents a wide range of photoluminescent papers in different colors and patterns, treated with photoluminescent pigments.

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The Papers are originally from Japan and are hand-made with 100% Kozo or cotton paper.
Dimensions are 94×64 centimeters approximately