Photoluminescent ceramic decorations

Lucedentro presents Onirica, the new photoluminescent ceramic decorations in porcelain stoneware, an exclusive collection of strips in the classic 7×28 cm format that add personality and elegance to the walls of residential and commercial spaces and in hospitality and urban projects.

The richness of the concrete-look patchwork decorations is expressed in eight different pieces that can be combined to achieve original effects both during the day, thanks to the timeless style of the digital design, and, above all, in the magic of night when the luminescence creates effects of rare beauty orchestrated using shades of blue.

The decorations are also available in a more simple version, where the surface plays a critical role thanks to the combination of 10 different reliefs, beautiful in the light of day and captivating in the dark.

Both solutions can be installed normally or in a herringbone design to achieve rhythmic effects that are always different and to create decorative walls that can add value to any style of furnishing in all architectural and interior design contexts.

The spectacular blue light of these porcelain stoneware ceramic decorations is solely a result of natural photoluminescence, without any chemical or toxic treatments.

Destination of use: residential, light commercial
Tipology: porcellanato
Size: 7×28
Finish: fondo semi-lux
Decor: fotoluminesc. + digit
Surface: ligth structured
Graphic: 1 fondo + 1 decor mix (8 soggetti cementina + 10 soggetti micro-strutture)
Colors: 1

8 decori mix cementina: stack bone


8 decori mix cementina: running bone


8 decori mix cementina: fotoluminescenza + digitale


Microstrutture mix