“So that person [who was supposed to intercept the packages]

Currently, officials from the sheriff’s Scientific Services Bureau picks up the contents of the boxes weekly and collect them in holding bins, Whitmore said. From there, they are picked up by a biohazard disposal contractor. In a written statement, sheriff’s officials encouraged residents not to keep unneeded medication on hand, as it can fall into the hands of children or drug abusers.

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Replica Chloe Ricardi said the item was purchased at “a local hardware store” but would not confirm it came from The Home Depot.According to Peterson, a third individual discovered large quantities of illegal drugs inside Home Depot merchandise.Peterson would not provide the details of that incident but said it was part of the overall investigation and that Tewksbury police were working with their Southwick counterparts and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).Tewksbury police and DEA officials conducted a search Tuesday of about 12 Home Depot stores statewide and found other bathroom vanities that contained drugs Chloe Replica, Peterson said. He would not elaborate on how many drug caches were discovered in the search.In each incident being investigated by Tewksbury Police, all of the merchandise boxes originated from a Texas location and were distributed through one Massachusetts warehouse, Peterson said.”I’m sure the packages were being shipped to the distribution center and someone was supposed to intercept them,” Peterson said. “So that person [who was supposed to intercept the packages] either wasn’t on duty that day or the packages were marked wrong.”The Southwick and Tewksbury Police Departments both said The Home Depot was cooperating fully with their investigations, and no one employed by the company is a suspect at this time.Both departments also said none of the customers who purchased the vanities that contained drugs are suspects Replica Chloe.

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