Photoluminescent fabrics by LUCEDENTRO – EUROBIKE 2013-12-03

At the most important trade fair “bike” in the world – Eurobike 2013 – Outwet, well-known italian manufacturer of clothes for cycling, has its world premiere jackets and vests made with new photoluminescent fabrics result of research and development of LUCEDENTRO and technical partner AKKOTEX.

The fair was held, as usual, in Friedrichshafen in Germany August 28 to 31 last year.

The content of research and innovation in photoluminescent fabrics by LUCEDENTRO has aroused great interest in the sector operators, who have appreciated more than anything else the level of passive safety, due to the characteristic of  the fabrics to light up in the dark after charging solar light.

The photoluminescent sport fabrics are covered by patents owned by Lucedentro and Akkotex.

To appreciate the characteristics of LUCEDENTRO photoluminescent fabrics go to:

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