Lucedentro and Free’n’ joy together for a photo-luminescent Christmas

This year Christmas has a new, zero-energy light. On Wednesday November 14, at the Free’n’joy Shop in Corso Canalchiaro, Modena, Lucedentro showcased its product range based on the principle of photo-luminescence, a physical property of inorganic aluminates present in nature and able to absorb light and give it back into the dark with no need for electric energy.

In the shop-window and inside the showroom of the Free’n’joy Shop, Lucedentro design decorations for indoors and outdoors perfectly integrate with more traditional Christmas ornaments, creating, even in the absence of light, fascinating spectacular effects.

The exhibition is open to the public until January 6, 2013. The products on display include: Avatar Garden, the alluring butterflies designed by the Bettazzi e Percoco architect’s studio; Islamic Prayer, the applique for walls with a double lighting system and available in different colours; Glass Pebbles, photo-luminescent pebbles to use outdoors or in water.
Original Christmas ideas as well as concepts for creative design sets with low environmental impact.

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