Lucedentro presents the project L.E.S.S. at Solar Expo 2013

At the event Solar Expo 2013 (Milan Fair May 8 to 10, 2013) Lucedentro presents the project L.E.S.S., an innovative energy saving system in public and private lighting,which uses solar energy for the operation of a photo-luminescent panel, which allows to create a reference light visible from a distance.

The system L.E.S.S. – Stands for Lucedentro Energy Saving System – has recently been integrated, in synergy with ETNEO Italy, with a micro wind turbine able to improve the performance of its overall operations. This new version is available for preview at the ETNEO Booth.

Thanks to its unique features L.E.S.S. is perfect for public lighting, without excluding private use. This integrated system was thought to be off grid and is able to produce excess energy that can be used in many different ways , from recharging electrical vehicles, to provide energy for security cameras, to create wi-fi points. The system is upgradable to satisfy different energy needs.

L.E.S.S. consists of a photoluminescent a leaf attractively designed, a photovoltaic panel and special light fixtures mixing Wood and white LEDs. All this managed by a latest generation electronic control system.

ETNEO Italy Padiglione 6 – Area Micro Wind
Solar Expo 2013
Milan Fair – 8-10 May 2013

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