From Modena to World. Luke on tour

#Luketour has started.

Luke, our photo-luminescent ghost has gone on a journey that will lead him to explore places near and far and make unexpected acquaintances (do you remember the dwarf of “The Fabulous world of Amélie? …).

The encounters, goals, joy and sorrow of Luke will be immortalized via Instagram and form the diary of this fantastic voyage of discovery marked by the hashtag # luketour.

Se Luke è nelle vostre case fategli una foto e pubblicatela sul vostro profilo Facebook o su Twitter. Tutte le immagini del #luketour saranno raccolte anche sul profilo Followgram If Luke is in your house take a photo and post it on your Facebook or Twitter profile. All pictures # luketour will also be collected on the profile Followgram

If you want the ghost designed by Karim Rashid to come into your life, click here and help us write his story.

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