Photoluminescent sportswear : Alienskin jacket

There are a lot of fields touched by photoluminescent application, for example safety and sport.

alienskin photoluminescent sportswearphotoluminescent sportswear alineskinIn collaboration with Outwet, an italian company specialized in high-level sport equipment, we created Alienskin jacket, the photoluminescent sportswear.

 Outwet works to find the best solutions in sport equipment with constant research, attention for the details and a lot of creativity. Outwet sportswear is always tested by professional athletes to guarantee a high level quality check for costumers.

Alienskin was born from the combination of Outwet high-quality sportswear (transpirant, windproof and waterproof) and the innovative features of photoluminescence that guarantee visibility therefor safety in poor light situations such as sport activities by night or going through galleries.

The power of photoluminescent sportswear resides in his never-ending recharge power: Alienskin recharge itself automatically with solar or artificial light, no battery needed. Photoluminescence can glow in the dark for 8 hours, keeping you visible all night long

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